Cuban Volleyball Begins With Double Against Argentina

Cuba will debut against both men’s and women’s divisions from Argentina in volleyball competition at the Pan American Games in Toronto.

Located in Group A, along with the Argentinians, Canadians and Dominicans, the Cuban women debut against the Argentinians at 3:30 pm in the second bout of the opening day, July 16.

The day will be completed with the Canada-Dominican games in the same group, while the Group B opens with Brazil-Puerto Rico and the U.S.-Peru, in a qualifier which will end on July 20 to make way for the quarterfinals.

Next will come the semi-finals, culminating with the finals match on July 25.

In the men’s competition, Coach Rodolfo Sánchez’s team begins Friday, July 17 against the Argentinians at 10:00 pm, with Colombia-Brazil in the preliminary matches as part of Group A.

On the same day, Canada-Mexico and US-Puerto Rico will fill the program for Group B. The final is set for July 26.

After confirming the eight teams that will participate in each gender division, the quality of volleyball in the Pan American arena can be seen in the various teams holding leading positions in the world ranking of the sport.

Topping the ranks of the women’s division is the United States (number one in the world), Brazil (2) and Dominican Republic (6), while among the men Brazil (1) the United States (5) and Argentina (6) appear as the top three in the Americas.

Rolando Cepeda, star of the Cuban team