Cuban Athletes Confirm Commitments On the Road to Toronto

Coinciding with the 120th anniversary of the death in combat of National Hero José Martí, Cuban shooting, field hockey and canoeing delegations received the pennants they will defend in the Pan American Games in Toronto.

As part of meetings convened under the name “Assets of Dignity,” sportsmen and women confirmed their readiness to devote themselves to the preparation and challenge, conscious of the significance their efforts hold for the people.

The directors of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation, the Training School of High Performance Athletes, veterans of the Cerro Pelado voyage of 1966 and commissions of the above sports were there at the meetings to witness the reading and signing of the athletes’ commitments to fight to keep Cuba’s second-place rank at the games.

Training at the Antonio Maceo stadium in Santiago de las Vegas, Women’s Field Hockey captain Mileysis Argentel emphasized a shared conviction with fellow athletes to “Do whatever it takes to live by the principles of Cuban sport.”

The slogan of Cuba at the 2015 Pan Am Games resounded from every athlete, coach, physician, psychologist, psychiatrist and other workers accompanying the delegation: “Let the Homeland See Us with Pride!”


Canoe/Kayak, Field Hockey, Shooting