Gold For Magdiel Estrada in Judo

Cuban judoka Magdiel Estrada won the gold medal July 12 in the 73 kg division, defeating Argentine Alejandro Cobas on the second day of the Pan American Games.

Estrada won the gold with a 1-0 Shido penalty against Cobras, bringing his total wins to three.

Earlier, Estrada bested Dominican Lwilli Santa by Yuko in the playoffs, and Puerto Rican Augusto Miranda with Wazari-Awazeta-Ippon in the semifinals.

Two Cuban judokas, Carlos Tondique (66 kilos) and Aliuska Ojeda (57) won bronze medals on Sunday. They beat Dominican Wander Mateo (Wazari) and Ecuadorian Joselin Plaza (2-1 penalty Shidos), respectively.

Ojeda and Tondique have in total three wins and one defeat.


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