Cuba Faces Difficulties in Synchronized Swimming

Cuban synchronized swimmers Cristy Alfonso and Melissa Alonso finished 11th in the technical program on July 9 during the first part of the duet competition in synchronized swimming.

They accumulated 65.5485 points all together — 19.700 for technique, 20.100 for execution and 25.7485 for overall impression.

The Cuban duo moved ahead of the Guatemalans (59.8423 points) but were overtaken by ten other countries.

Canadians Jacqueline Simoneau and Karine Thomas showed their great talent and finished in first place with 88.0881 points, beating Mexicans Karen Achach and Nuria Diosdado (84.4113) and Mariya Koroleva and Alison Williams  of the U.S. (82.5209).

In the team technical programs, the Cuban team of Cristy Alfonso, Melissa Alonso, Keyla Armas, Yanela Chacon, Carysney Garcia, Dyliam Marrero, Jennifer Quintanal, Sonia Roche and Odaylis Suarez finished in eighth and last place with 63.8392 points. Once again, the teams taking the lead were Canada (87.9094), Mexico (85.6740) and the U.S. (82.6918).