Pan American Sports President Congratulates Cuba on Games Performance

Julio Maglione, president of the Pan-American Sports Organization (PASO), on Monday, July 13, commended the performance of Cuban athletes at the Toronto 2015 Games, especially divers Jose Antonio Guerra and Jeinkler Aguirre.

Cuba is a sports country, the PASO president told Prensa Latina, shortly after the medal ceremony for 10m men’s synchronized diving won decisively by the Cubans.

Maglione said he remembered having seen Guerra several times in different competitions, “a thirty-something-year-old athlete who is always among the best and never loses,” he noted before extolling Guerra’s performance as an example for the sport.

Maglione said he was very pleased by the Toronto games so far.

The PASO president also said that the Pan American Games transcend the events at the stadiums to become a true continental experience, “which serves to unite, and promote respect and love for each other” adding that, “This is what we look for.”

(Prensa Latina)