Fidel Castro and Sports

The constant presence of Comandante Fidel Castro in Cuban sports was reaffirmed once again when he stated on June 17, 2005:

“Sports as we view it is not just another tool of the market, a way of life for the youth in place of study and work; nor is it a source of profit for promoters, agents and all the parasites that feed off the efforts of athletes; it is not a dirty business and hotbed of drugs and illicit substances harmful to the health of the athletes. We have opposed and continue to oppose that mercenary conception of sports.”

“Sport is and has to be one of the most effective means available to society for contributing to the promotion of the wellbeing and health of its citizens, developing the spirit of accomplishment and emulation amongst the people, strengthening habits of social discipline and solidarity, for the cultivation of a better quality of life; in a word, for the full realization of human beings.”


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