Sports in the Revolution

SportsPostersCuban sport is synonymous with education, culture, patriotism, and raising the standard of living and health; in short, it is one of the key activities in social development.

The creation of a regimen of participation in sports is the fundamental base on which the new Cuban sports movement is organized. Its unique characteristics permit thousands of people to engage in practicing sports, fostering this activity at all costs and taking it as far as possible.

The Cuban state recognizes the importance of sports in society, and since its inception has supported making it possible for all Cubans to participate in sports. The results warrant and compensate for the investments and expenditures of the Cuban state.

The effort of the government to ensure that all Cubans can exercise their right to sport in midst of a number of external and internal economic difficulties is commendable.

In sport, despite the economic war, the poaching of its talent, and the attacks, Cuba has been able to establish itself and occupy positions of honour that only nations of the first world can hope to obtain these days. The reason is that the sports movement is also the fruit of a project which has had human capital as its main currency.


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