Lisandra Guerra Will Keep Fighting

Five days after an unfortunate accident that stopped her from fighting for a gold medal, Cuban cyclist Lisandra Guerra says she feels good and is not worried about future competition.

“It’s not the first time something like this has happened to me. It’s just that this time it stopped me from continuing in the competition and battling for the title,” said the young athlete. Guerra spoke to the Cuban press after returning home to a warm neighbourhood welcome from relatives and admirers.

“I’m very happy to be back here in my country, with my family and all the people of Cuba,” said the Toronto 2015 double silver medalist. Guerra announced that she is returning to the track this week to continue her training. She is preparing for a Grand Prix event in Guatemala and the Pan-American Cycling Championships, two competitions that precede the World Cup and World Championship.

Commenting on her untimely accident, Guerra insisted that things were going smoothly, and that she was expecting to have the five stitches removed from her right arm this Saturday. She will soon be fully recovered from the track burns and other injuries suffered in her dramatic fall on Sunday, July 19.

Showing gratitude and mettle, Guerra assured everyone that she would continue with her training in pursuit of new victories. “You have to prepare yourself very well, with no letup. The level of competition has gone up and there are many world class riders, including in the Pan American region,” she concluded.